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My new obsession, and LJ sucks

Okay, so I am a pretty obsessive person most of the time... But this is just ridiculous.
I am now officially obsessed with Total Drama Island and its respective sequels.  To the point where I created a whole new fanfiction account to host the fic I've been writing almost compulsively, and to the point where I actually have dreams featuring some of the characters. I never remember them, thankfully. That'd just be extra pathetic.

I just wish the plot bunny-creating part of my brain focused on ASOIAF instead, but TDI is just easier to write fanfic about, I guess.

Also, I'm mad at LJ because apparently I have to pay to change my username. WTF?
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Is the universe trying to tell me something?

 Remember I had a test today? Well, NO, apparently. My teacher texted me to say that she was sick and that I should go to class next Monday, then we'll figure something out.

Am I just very, very lucky? Or is this the gods/mystic karma thingies doing? Is it an opportunity to get my act together and STUDY instead of procrastinate and only read the bare minimum the night before the test?

Life is so weird and random.
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Well that was easy

 I called the teacher, asked to reschedule, and she was super nice about it. No need to convince her or anything. I was almost disappointed.

Now I can choose wether to take the test this Friday or another Monday, but I think I'm going to go for Friday. That way I can finally catch up with the rest of the group.

About to have a panic attack

 Okay, I'm an idiot. IN CAPITAL LETTERS. It's almost 1:30 AM, my test is in 7 hours, and I don't know shit. I thought I could just study the night before, like I usually do, but turns out it's a lot and I'm nervous as hell and I can't concentrate at all.
My situation has its advantages and its disadvantages. I'm the only person taking the test, since the rest of the class already took it. (I started after they did) So that means that I can't just not show up or something like that. However, the rest of the class actually asked for another date on the day they were supposed to be taking the test, which technically gives me the same right. And, on top of that, I started late, so I missed a few lessons. I can easily say I don't feel prepared.
So, after careful consideration, I've decided I'm gonna call my teacher and ask to reschedule the test. In other words, I'm facing this situation Slytherin-style: by manipulating my ass out of it. I'll tell you how it goes in approximately... *checks watch* six to seven hours. Wish me luck!

(And no, I don't feel guilty. I do feel stupid and irresponsible, though.)
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Dear F-list,

 I has an important announcement to deliver/question to ask. Brace yourselves for an overly-dramatic pause.


Should I change my nickname? (Yeah, that's it)
I never really liked the one I have now, so I've been trying to come up with new ones. The only one I have so far is Emaena. (Since it sounds like the way my initials are pronounced in English --M.E.-- and the nickname that you can draw from it --Em, or Emma, or Emmy--)
Anyway, does Emaena sound too weird? Should I think of something else? Should I go study for my test instead?

On racism, sexism, and Disney-ism

(First a little complaint: my writing SUCKS. Why is it damn so hard?  *goes to her emo corner*)

It's spring break here in Southern-South America, and while my little sister enjoys a well-deserved vacation from that demonic private school she goes to, I study for my test (a little) and do nothing. We organised a Disney marathon, starting with Mulan, which brings me to the actual topic of this entry.

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Some whining and some pimping

 I have a test this Monday! Which means I actually have to study. *groans* But if I pass it, then it's only one more semester and I'm good to go!

Well, not really. I have to start studying for my entrance exam, and start thinking of an alternative in case I fail. AND I have to get a job, otherwise I don't know how I'll afford that trip to Buenos Aires me and my BFF have planned for next year.

AND I have got to learn to drive! ARGHHHH. Too many things to do.

Now for the interesting -- read, not related to my life (or lack of it) -- stuff:

- I followed nyaza's advice and gave Merlin a second chance, and I gotta say, the show is growing on me.

- I added a new book to my never-ending reading list. I don't recall the title, but it's Isabel Allende's latest. Haven't started it yet.

- Watched the first episode of Gossip Girl's new season, and... *yawn* Boring. Chuck and Blair continue to be their fanfic-characters-in-love selves, the Humphrey and van der Woodsen/Bass family are still annoyingly perfect, and Serena is trying to be mysterious, and failing big time.

- I'm really getting into the whole Sims-storytelling business. Who knew it could be so artistic? Using the game to take pictures to create a story, trying different angles, playing with the character's expressions, throwing in some Photoshop... It's loads of fun. Now if only it weren't so damn difficult.

- Speaking of sim stories, I'm finally catching up with Lothere! It's a fantastic story that tells the lives of several well-rounded characters and their families in the valley of Lothere. Even if you don't like sim stories, I recommend it to anyone who enjoys medieval history, gray morals, excellent characterisations, and incredible storytelling. 
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Why does wanting to look good = being shallow?

So, I went to get a facial today, and while I lay there suffering in silence, I felt like I was being one of those vapid, shallow girls for skipping my English lesson for something so frivolous. Then I thought, but why? What is wrong with wanting to look good? Why does the media always have to portray people who take care of their image as shallow (especially with women)? Is it because the audience roots for the underdog, and the underdog is not supposed to be interested in this kind of stuff? (Yeah, my bad, that's for the female villains and the gay guys!)

I may be exaggerating a little bit, but still, I think that there is some kind of message of this sort being sent out by the media, if I felt this way because I was getting a goddamn facial.

In the spirit of being shallow: my skin is SO smooth right now, but I actually look even whiter than usual - like chalk. And the freckles on my nose are more visible now. Great.

And here it goes again, I talk about my image and I feel shallow for it. What the hell?
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I is stupid

So, I was wondering why I've been feeling so dizzy these past couple of days. Today I found out. Turns out I had been forgetting to take my meds. *FACEPALM* I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms, for Pete's sake, and I didn't notice? I'm so irresponsible sometimes I worry about my own well-being.

On a different note, I installed Nightlife and University and I'm having a blast with my Sims, lol. Haven't even touched those papers I'm supposed to be reading for Philosophy, or read a single page of Brideshead Revisited for my English class. I also went to the mall with my mum to buy me a much-delayed birthday present, but I couldn't find anything I wanted. So I left with a small notebook and a diet pepsi, and my mum bought herself a hideous pair of boots. Then we had brownies! Yummy. That was the highlight of my day. Until one of my sims got turned into a vampire.

I also absolutely FAIL at imitating my teacher's British accent. It's just so... fake. I sound like a Hispanic trying to sound like an American trying to sound British. It's awful.

I've also been watching Total Drama Island, followed by Total Drama Action. It was just the sort of silly, fun, non-intellectual stuff my brain needed. The sims don't count, mkay? I'm actually obsessed with the show right now. It's surprisingly witty in some aspects, but nowadays that seems to be the norm with some animated series. I remember watching Danny Phantom and Jimmy Neutron with my sister, and they were quite funny.
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I can't believe I had not talked about this

*Points to title*

I've been writing a story using the sims 2 to aid me with pictures of beautiful pixelated people as I tell the unravelings of their pixelated medieval lives. I'll explain more later, but it's five in the morning and I need to catch a few Zs before lunch, so for now I'll just plug the thing:

medieval_legacy [info]medieval_legacy [info]medieval_legacy