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University (college to my American friends) will be the death of me.

More on this later.

And by later, I mean when it's not three in the morning. (I have to get up at seven.)
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Rainy days

It's been raining for three days straight. This is not a particular issue with me, since I love rain, but rain sucks when you have nowhere to go to lie down snugly and listen to it.

Thing is, my roomie, who's also a close friend of mine, has basically kicked me out. Twice.

Last night she brought her boyfriend to our apartment. Everything was cool, but another roomie of ours (who stays in the room next door to ours) went out for a smoke, and I went with her so that the two lovebirds could have a little time for themselves. Ten minutes later, we come back to find they're gone -- to my room, where the door is closed. All my things are still inside: my laptop, my wallet, my clothes... everything. I wait for a half hour or so, and they don't come out. Two hours later, they open the door, and this fills me with hope -- are they finally leaving? -- but they don't go out. They just stay there, talking like it's four in the afternoon instead of one in the morning.

So I start making noises: I turn on the TV, move in the couch, get up to go to the kitchen, etc. When I finally go to the bathroom, they seem to take the hint. My friend comes out and addresses me with some term of endearment that could be translated as "Darling!", like she's just greeting me. I glare at her.

But it doesn't end there. Oh no. When I get into bed and they leave, I start hearing them chatting and shouting and laughing and even cooking something. This goes on for hours. Finally, at about five in the morning, I get up and close the door to the hallway, the one that separates the sitting room and the kitchen from the rest of the apartment.

The next day (or basically just a few hours later), I get up to find them still there. The kitchen's a mess and it smells worse than an American McDonald's. It's probably just as dirty, too. I feel like crap; after I have lunch, I go lie down and I only get up a couple of hours later. When I do, they sneak into the room and lock the door.

So here I am, with my laptop, freezing in the sitting room, listening to the rain, and thinking of murder.

I mean, I know you're supposed to be patient and tolerant if you're going to share an apartment with two other people, but I can only go so far. Anyway, both my other roomie and I agreed to give her a lecture tonight when we get home from class, and I just hope she'll listen to reason. So far she's been selfish and has had no consideration for us whatsoever, but I'm afraid she'll just say we should've said/done something when it happened. Argh.

Anyway. Good thing is, college has been great so far. I'm taking English Language, Spanish Language (which is basically grammar), Law, and Linguistics. However, though I like this independence thing, I still can't adjust to the fact that I have to cook for myself -- I basically just don't have dinner out of laziness -- so my guess is that I'll be thinner by the end of the month. Other than that, I'm eating healthier than ever -- fruit, vegetables, meat, milk, soup... That should be good, right?

So yes, this is my way of explaining why I have  been absent -- again -- and unable to keep up with my short-lived resolutions.

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Family union will be the death of me

My grandparents are here. They've been visiting every few days, never mind the fact that my stepmum is tired and doesn't have the time or the energy to receive them. I get it, the twins are cute and you want to see them, but come on! Leave us alone, people. D:

We keep hoping our cousin will have her baby soon, so that the family has another person to annoy.
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Yeah baby

Okay, I know I've been a terrible LJ friend lately, and I'm sorry! I'll make it up to you, I promise.

So, I finally passed my final Philosophy exam! I am now officially a high school graduate, and can go to college without worrying about having to pass a high school subject before a certain date and whatnot. The relief I feel is only comparable to that instant when you wake from a bad dream and realize it's not real. :P

I'm celebrating like crazy now! First I went to an Italian restaurant with Mum and Co., but the service was lousy and my food (gnocchi on a 29th! COME ON! They should've been awesome!) was disgusting. Afterwards I had a cappuccino (also disgusting) and some cake. The cake made up for the disastrous meal, and the champagne we had afterwards helped as well.

But the best part is that I'll be getting the cat I've been asking for for years tomorrow! That is actually a coincidence and has nothing to do with the results of my exam, but it's still awesome. I'll post some pictures as soon as I have her/him.

And, as promised, Dad is buying me a gold ring I liked, and Mum's taking us shopping to Buenos Aires before I start college next year. So all's well. :D

P.S.: And I haven't even mentioned my plans for New Year's, which include drinking and clubbing with friends.
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ASOIAF requests thingy! Question

Since misstopia couldn't, I had to (yeah, I'm blaming it all on you, Miss XD) sign up for the valyrian_forged fanwork exchange in her place. I got my request sent to me a while ago, and I have to submit it before December 1.

I'm so excited about it! I got just what I wanted. Now I don't know, since I'm new with this, but can I say who I got? *crosses fingers*

Whaaa I wanna travel

 My mum went to Peru with my stepdad for a medical conference or something. They're gonna see Machu Pichu! I'm so jealous :/

They've been gone for five days now and my sister and I have been staying at my Dad's, which has been a lot nicer than I thought it would be. Thing is, I don't miss my mumat all, even though I probably should.

In any case, I'm not a person who usually misses people. When I went to Disney World for two weeks, I forgot to call my parents until the sixth day or so. The only person I really, really missed was my sister, when it was her turn to go to Disney World for two weeks. (We both chose to travel rather than to have a party for our fifteenth birthday)

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures when they return. AND to go to Buenos Aires once I pass my final exam. Dad even promised to buy me this ring I love if I do, mwahahaha.

Stupid elections

 It's election day in sunny Uruguay, and my first time voting. Which I'm not excited about at all. I basically have to choose between the lesser of several evils, which sucks. And what's worse, I don't get the choice of not voting. Nooo. Because here, we're so nice that voting is mandatory.

I hate this so much. ARGH.

Well, at least the constant advertising will stop now.
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Not getting out of this one

My infamous test is in an hour and a half, and as you can probably guess, I haven't studied at all. *sigh* I just feel so apathetic about the whole thing. I'm going to have to take the exam at the end of the term anyways, so what's the difference?

My parents will probably be mad if I fail, but well, I guess I deserve it for being a slacker. I just don't know why I didn't study. I honestly have no idea.

Anyway, now I'll start to reread everything and see if I can save my butt this time, though I highly doubt it.
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Sometimes I act like a 9-year-old boy

 As anyone who has read this journal or knows me in real life can testify, I'm a little unpredictable sometimes. And stupid.

Yesterday I watched Kung Fu Panda, and the movie left me all hyper and psyched to try out some martial arts moves (not that I know any, of course)... So what did I do today? I tried them out. On my dog.

Cue the facepalms.

You see, my dog's a really, really annoying thing that always jumps at me and thinks that if you're hitting her, you're playing. So she got on my nerves and I tried a kung-fu punch on her stomach when she jumped on me and her big paws where over my shoulders.

The results? I have a neck cramp right now, and I'm afraid to go outside.

I can't believe I just had a pseudo-kung-fu fight with my dog! What am I, a kid? Don't answer.