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About to have a panic attack

 Okay, I'm an idiot. IN CAPITAL LETTERS. It's almost 1:30 AM, my test is in 7 hours, and I don't know shit. I thought I could just study the night before, like I usually do, but turns out it's a lot and I'm nervous as hell and I can't concentrate at all.
My situation has its advantages and its disadvantages. I'm the only person taking the test, since the rest of the class already took it. (I started after they did) So that means that I can't just not show up or something like that. However, the rest of the class actually asked for another date on the day they were supposed to be taking the test, which technically gives me the same right. And, on top of that, I started late, so I missed a few lessons. I can easily say I don't feel prepared.
So, after careful consideration, I've decided I'm gonna call my teacher and ask to reschedule the test. In other words, I'm facing this situation Slytherin-style: by manipulating my ass out of it. I'll tell you how it goes in approximately... *checks watch* six to seven hours. Wish me luck!

(And no, I don't feel guilty. I do feel stupid and irresponsible, though.)
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