Emmy (maruutsu) wrote,

Some whining and some pimping

 I have a test this Monday! Which means I actually have to study. *groans* But if I pass it, then it's only one more semester and I'm good to go!

Well, not really. I have to start studying for my entrance exam, and start thinking of an alternative in case I fail. AND I have to get a job, otherwise I don't know how I'll afford that trip to Buenos Aires me and my BFF have planned for next year.

AND I have got to learn to drive! ARGHHHH. Too many things to do.

Now for the interesting -- read, not related to my life (or lack of it) -- stuff:

- I followed nyaza's advice and gave Merlin a second chance, and I gotta say, the show is growing on me.

- I added a new book to my never-ending reading list. I don't recall the title, but it's Isabel Allende's latest. Haven't started it yet.

- Watched the first episode of Gossip Girl's new season, and... *yawn* Boring. Chuck and Blair continue to be their fanfic-characters-in-love selves, the Humphrey and van der Woodsen/Bass family are still annoyingly perfect, and Serena is trying to be mysterious, and failing big time.

- I'm really getting into the whole Sims-storytelling business. Who knew it could be so artistic? Using the game to take pictures to create a story, trying different angles, playing with the character's expressions, throwing in some Photoshop... It's loads of fun. Now if only it weren't so damn difficult.

- Speaking of sim stories, I'm finally catching up with Lothere! It's a fantastic story that tells the lives of several well-rounded characters and their families in the valley of Lothere. Even if you don't like sim stories, I recommend it to anyone who enjoys medieval history, gray morals, excellent characterisations, and incredible storytelling. 
Tags: shows, sims

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