Emmy (maruutsu) wrote,

I is stupid

So, I was wondering why I've been feeling so dizzy these past couple of days. Today I found out. Turns out I had been forgetting to take my meds. *FACEPALM* I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms, for Pete's sake, and I didn't notice? I'm so irresponsible sometimes I worry about my own well-being.

On a different note, I installed Nightlife and University and I'm having a blast with my Sims, lol. Haven't even touched those papers I'm supposed to be reading for Philosophy, or read a single page of Brideshead Revisited for my English class. I also went to the mall with my mum to buy me a much-delayed birthday present, but I couldn't find anything I wanted. So I left with a small notebook and a diet pepsi, and my mum bought herself a hideous pair of boots. Then we had brownies! Yummy. That was the highlight of my day. Until one of my sims got turned into a vampire.

I also absolutely FAIL at imitating my teacher's British accent. It's just so... fake. I sound like a Hispanic trying to sound like an American trying to sound British. It's awful.

I've also been watching Total Drama Island, followed by Total Drama Action. It was just the sort of silly, fun, non-intellectual stuff my brain needed. The sims don't count, mkay? I'm actually obsessed with the show right now. It's surprisingly witty in some aspects, but nowadays that seems to be the norm with some animated series. I remember watching Danny Phantom and Jimmy Neutron with my sister, and they were quite funny.
Tags: random, sims

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