February 1st, 2011

keep calm and shoot to kill

I fail at this lj thing

So, I dunno how to phrase this properly because either it doesn't happen to English-speaking folks much or I've never heard/read about it. So let's see if I can type a sentence that doesn't sound too awkward. If it does, you'll just have to remember I'm still like four years away from actually becoming a translator so any mistakes on my part are acceptable and also I'm hurting right now or "convalescing" as my father would jokingly put it (which makes me sound rather pitiful--which I am actually--) SO ANYWAY,

last Thursday I got my finger stuck on the car door AND IT FUCKING HURTS LIKE YOUR FAVOURITE INSULT, LET ME TELL YOU. It's also all swollen and my fingernail's black and it's gonna fall off and my mum won't give me any good painkillers even though she's a doctor, the bitch, and so I have to take it all AND HAVE YOU EVER BEEN THROUGH THIS, IT FEELS LIKE IT'S GONNA EXPLODE. Also it's my thumb, do you know how useful thumbs are?

I even practised a "pitiful walk" to go with my "convalescing state" yesterday. It consisted of grabbing my injured arm with my healthy arm and limping. I dunno why I limped, apparently I also have an injured leg from sitting on my arse doing absolutely nothing 'cause as it turns out, thumbs are pretty damn useful and you can't use them when they hurt and are swollen up to almost twice their size.

Worst part is, yesterday as I was complaining to my sister, who's supposed to be both passive and compassive, she said to me that maybe if I had been a little more careful this wouldn't have happened.

And yes, I'm a little bit over-dramatic sometimes, but I don't think my threatening to jam her finger against the door was entirely uncalled for.

So to sum up: I hate life and It hates me, I cannot keep a regular blog for the life of me, why am I always online at 3 in the morning? (which is incidentally the time Lya happens to respond to my messages, because she's just annoying like that)