September 15th, 2009

gilmore girls

Why does wanting to look good = being shallow?

So, I went to get a facial today, and while I lay there suffering in silence, I felt like I was being one of those vapid, shallow girls for skipping my English lesson for something so frivolous. Then I thought, but why? What is wrong with wanting to look good? Why does the media always have to portray people who take care of their image as shallow (especially with women)? Is it because the audience roots for the underdog, and the underdog is not supposed to be interested in this kind of stuff? (Yeah, my bad, that's for the female villains and the gay guys!)

I may be exaggerating a little bit, but still, I think that there is some kind of message of this sort being sent out by the media, if I felt this way because I was getting a goddamn facial.

In the spirit of being shallow: my skin is SO smooth right now, but I actually look even whiter than usual - like chalk. And the freckles on my nose are more visible now. Great.

And here it goes again, I talk about my image and I feel shallow for it. What the hell?
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