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I fail at this lj thing

So, I dunno how to phrase this properly because either it doesn't happen to English-speaking folks much or I've never heard/read about it. So let's see if I can type a sentence that doesn't sound too awkward. If it does, you'll just have to remember I'm still like four years away from actually becoming a translator so any mistakes on my part are acceptable and also I'm hurting right now or "convalescing" as my father would jokingly put it (which makes me sound rather pitiful--which I am actually--) SO ANYWAY,

last Thursday I got my finger stuck on the car door AND IT FUCKING HURTS LIKE YOUR FAVOURITE INSULT, LET ME TELL YOU. It's also all swollen and my fingernail's black and it's gonna fall off and my mum won't give me any good painkillers even though she's a doctor, the bitch, and so I have to take it all AND HAVE YOU EVER BEEN THROUGH THIS, IT FEELS LIKE IT'S GONNA EXPLODE. Also it's my thumb, do you know how useful thumbs are?

I even practised a "pitiful walk" to go with my "convalescing state" yesterday. It consisted of grabbing my injured arm with my healthy arm and limping. I dunno why I limped, apparently I also have an injured leg from sitting on my arse doing absolutely nothing 'cause as it turns out, thumbs are pretty damn useful and you can't use them when they hurt and are swollen up to almost twice their size.

Worst part is, yesterday as I was complaining to my sister, who's supposed to be both passive and compassive, she said to me that maybe if I had been a little more careful this wouldn't have happened.

And yes, I'm a little bit over-dramatic sometimes, but I don't think my threatening to jam her finger against the door was entirely uncalled for.

So to sum up: I hate life and It hates me, I cannot keep a regular blog for the life of me, why am I always online at 3 in the morning? (which is incidentally the time Lya happens to respond to my messages, because she's just annoying like that)
keep calm and shoot to kill

WTF Yahoo

Why you shutting down delicious? WHY? Figures the day after I finally sign up after all these years of lurking you announce you're shutting it down.

Now how are we nerds going to keep track of fanfic recs and stuff?
voldy-poo, squee!


Summer be here, y'all! Actually it's winter for most of you, but for me it's summer, which means classes are over, and guess what -- I passed! I've actually survived my first year of college. I can hardly believe it myself.

So yes, summer means holidays, and holidays means lots of tourists and avoiding the sun more than usual and yes, more time for writing! So even though I completely failed at NaNoWriMo (thanks, college), maybe I can come up with something similar for the January-February period. Something that involves fanfic and drabbles and stuff. Mmm.

Now I'm off to complete a fun prompt for the Latin Hetalia comm, yay!
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sansa, isnt life sparkly?


My computer's at the repair shop, AGAIN. Turns out, when they changed my motherboard they forgot to change the clock's inner battery or something, which is what was causing my laptop to think it was the eighties.

I'll be back to posting and commenting regularly as soon as I get my laptop back. Just wanted to make that clear.
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Woe is me, and also, ASoIaF

My modem broke the other day. The light won't even turn on. D:

Right now I'm home with my folks, so I have wi-fi, but back at my apartment I don't get any Internet access at all if I don't have my modem. To make matters worse, my laptop's motherboard had to be replaced recently, so I can't exactly ask for a new modem right now. Well, I can, but I'd feel guilty.

On the plus side, I managed to study for a full fourty-five minutes yesterday. I made no progress today, though. I'm pathetic, I know.

Also, is anyone interested in reading an ASoIaF/Harry Potter crossover? I kinda started writing one today. Sorting the characters into the various Houses proved to be a difficult task, because they're not one-dimensional at all (unlike other characters of another series I could mention), but so far I've got:
Collapse )

Thoughts? Who do you think should teach every subject? How would you sort the characters in ASoIaF?


(Before I get to the D8 part of this post, I actually managed to complete a translation of something fannish today! Go me! It's a -Latin- Hetalia fanfic, though, so I'm not uploading it here because most of my f-list doesn't even know what Hetalia is.)

Ack, I have a test next Monday. Linguistics. Is it sad that the only love/hate relationship in my life happens to be with a subject. A really nerdy one, at that.

I intend to keep posting actually. But it will be things like, "Today I managed to read (and understand) two pages of Spitzer. Only fourty more to go!" so I'm not making any promises.

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The Big Read

There's a book meme going around, which I stole from berseker. It goes like this: The BBC compiled a list of the best-loved novels in the UK, and apparently it's estimated that most people have only read 3 out of the 100 books listed here.

The ones in bold are the ones I've read. A grand total of 23, I'm afraid. The ones I've underlined are the ones I'm currently reading. The ones in Italics are the ones I intend to read.

Collapse )

I think the list is a bit old because Twilight's not in it. Not that I'm complaining.

Also, WTF is Pillars of the Earth doing way up there on #33? WTF, British people. However, you've got García Márquez twice, so I think I'll let this one slide.

P.S.: Go wish tabacoychanel a happy birthday!

Die Welle

Just saw the 2008 German film Die Welle, and wow. Talk about mind-blowing. I'm sure everyone and their mother has already seen it, but if you haven't, do. It's bloody brilliant.

The film's axiom is, basically, that a movement such as Nazism is still possible. That any group of people at any given time, and given the right conditions, can end up doing terrible things out of an elitist sense of superiority.

The best part is, it's not done in the sort of tragic, patronizing way most (American) films about Nazism are done. It makes you see the world through these students eyes and understand why being a part of the Wave is so important to them. The emphasis is on how it brings them closer as a community, how they turn protective of each other until they finally turn against those who oppose them. You even think it's kinda cool. They're not being racist; they're not hurting anybody. On the contrary, it's making all those racial and class differences disappear. And where's the harm in that?

Until things take a turn for the worst and, like the students themselves, you come to realize how wrong it all is. Brilliant.

ETA: My sister and I are such lame fangirls that we can even find something to ship in serious, Nazi-themed movies. Sad fannish tendencies are sad. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to look up some fanfic.
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